Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fast Forward

I got too busy to keep up with this. After the last post, I took a Remote Sensing class, made an A, and also the Capstone Seminar. Made all A's in the classes.

My fancy report covers and matching CD labels paid off, and my instructors recommended me for a GIS position in local government about a year and a half ago.

Sooo, not only did I finish the GIS Certificate program, but started a career as well. I'm busy building the GIS department from scratch, getting government departments cooperating to create an enterprise GIS. Work is progressing on foundation layers, and also on ArcGIS Server stuff like map services, and simple web applications. Still can't figure out the best way to serve my 6" aerial imagery - map cache? Server image extension? Maybe I'll find out at the ESRI user conference this July.

Also have to get server permissions fixed so that departments outside our domain can sign in and see everything.

Having lots of fun with it, lots of variety because I'm doing work for many different departments.

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