Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Final Project Presentation Done

Monday night was the final presentation for work in GIS 465. Jim Delahoussaye and Ray came, were very kind in their comments. I enjoyed the other students' presentations, and hope mine went OK. Hard to tell while it's going on.

Got some good feedback and ideas on my project from fellow students and instructors. Grayden suggesting using demographic data in my town table, using that to make the symbology change with population size. I can add that easily. Also, I think my landmark table needs revising; Jim intimated that some corrections were needed there.

Brent suggested using historical aerial photography imagery; might exist dating from 1970s.

I would like to put the sandbar development in a Flash presentation, and also mosaic all the 15 minute quads to encompass the whole study area, not just the Foster quad.

Now, on to find 2008 LIDAR data for Grand Isle.

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